ER Designer

ER Designer (erdesigner) — elegant and simple tool to create ER-models (ER diagrams).

ER-model (the model “entity — relationship“) — the data model allowing to describe the conceptual scheme of the subject area. Used in high-level (conceptual) database design, it can help to highlight key entities and to identify relationships that can be established between these entities. During database design is the transformation of ER model into a concrete database schema based on the chosen data model (relational, object, network, etc).

ER Designer provides all the necessary tools to quickly create ER models, number of retries/reset changes (Undo/Redo) is unlimited. ER model is stored in the format of JSON (*.json), chart, you can export the image in PNG (save the screenshot), for storing user data used MySQL (free relational database management system), management focused on the use of the mouse for some functions you can use the keyboard shortcuts.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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