Eitr – pixel game by Scandinavian motifs

In the digital distribution service Steam Greenlight appeared simple pixel game made in the Norse explanation. We are talking about Eitr resembles the idea of such hits as Diablo, Golden Axe and Dark Souls. As the basis for the game is the Unity engine.

The ancient Scandinavians the word Eitr meant a poison that kills everything what touches. In this game you have to be the girl who saves from destruction the world tree Yggdrasil. According to legend, the world tree that connects the 9 worlds into a whole, thus, the basis of all creation.

Yggdrasil rests on three roots, one of which goes to Asgard, where the Aesir, the second in Jotunheim, and the third in Nilfheim. The word Yggdrasill means “the horse, Igga”. “Igga” is one of the names of Odin. According to one legend, the word “Yggdrasil” refers to a production period, Each of the runes – then the Supreme God of the Scandinavians hung on the world tree for 9 days.

The task of the main character “Eitr” is not simple, as you have very accurately adjust the time when to put the enemy unit, and when to attack. Brave warrior armed with sword and shield. This simple weapon, it will have to crush the bones suddenly animated skeletons and hitting huge rats.

Judging by the gameplay video at the end of the article, the game can be compared with the first level of Fallout 2, who was preparing to elect a lot of tests. Remember – this level was not easy “training guide for beginners”, but rather a gate that opens to the seeker the way in an interesting world filled with stories, places and personalities.

Now six months on Eitr two British developers. The release date of the final version of the game has yet to be announced. Presumably the game will be released for three operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


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