Easiest way to install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Good news for fans of movies and TV shows, and music lovers – was very easy to install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and other Linux distributions. And all thanks to Snaps!

Today Plex is available for free installation at the store Snap on any Linux distribution that supports the infrastructure of Snap, such as Linux Mint, Manjaro and Solus.

The addition of the popular multimedia tool on the store shelf, Snap applications will allow you and I, and anyone, to set and customize your own personal media server faster and with less effort than before.

We can also expect to automatically receive future updates Plex through the store Snap directly from the Plex team.

Tamas Szelei, engineer-programmer at Plex, said:

Snap from Canonical provides a simple and secure way to distribute our software among a growing number of consumers.

Timely it was, and the next news! Recently, the company Plex has announced that users will be available a host of new content, current shows and movies on demand – a staggering 19,000 in 67 episodes of the show!

If you want to learn more about Plex or want to know how to install media Plex server on Ubuntu, keep reading…

What is Plex Media Server?

Plex Media Server

Media-savvy readers do not need to be familiar with Plex. Free app media server, released of Kodi (formerly XMBC), is a true representative of the “streaming media”.

App Plex, consisting of two parts, simplify the organization, viewing and streaming your digital music library on other devices – when you want and from virtually anywhere!

Most likely, you already have a stack of media files scattered on your computer, from music and podcasts to movies and TV shows.

You can be a person who likes to “backup” DVDs and Blu-Rays to hard drive, copy CDs, or to shoot a lot of video while traveling; or, maybe you just buy a lot of digital media in online content stores such as iTunes, 7Digital and Amazon.

In any case: if you have media files that you sometimes want to watch on another device, Plex Media Server (PMS) can help.

The Plex model is simple: you install the server part on the computer where you store your media files, and then install the app player Plex on any other device to access it via the Internet.

This means you can watch videos on your computer on your Android phone while you are on the bus; listen to your music library on the iPad during the holidays; and enjoy popcorn with my best friends while watching a movie on your computer for Smart TV.

Plex offers smart organization

One of the biggest advantages of Plex over other apps for wifi are impressive organizational capabilities.

In the past I’ve tried apps for the media server only to be disappointed by random indexing, anticlinal scans and incorrect labeling. I spent many hours on the painstaking hunt for the artwork for his obscure movies and TV shows, adding them in the right folder with the correct file name syntax, only to scroll through hundreds of identical fillers!

Plex retrieves all the metadata for me, from movie posters to rating movies, list of actors and summaries of the episodes.

Another nice addition allows you to create, and then browse the contents in “hand-made” collections.

These “custom group” can be organized into any type of theme that you like, including different types of media.

You can assemble a collection of “Superhero Films & TV Shows” to collect your favorite movies DC or Marvel; a collection of the “Whoniverse” is a collection of classic and new “Doctor Who”, and such additions as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as soundtracks and music players.

Or, like me, you can make an impressive the trash called “Stuff I’ve downloaded and, most likely, I will not watch”.

Other features Plex include:

  • Remembering what you watched last time
  • Recommendations movie / TV show
  • Smart organization
  • Support for multiple users
  • Playlists
  • Reliable encryption

In fact, Plex is like to run your own Netflix or Spotify: you control access to content and control who can access it.

You get remote access to your library and broadcast it to almost any device via the Internet. No need to copy files on the device and no more errors “unsupported format”.

If the idea of streaming on demand on all your devices (with the addition of problems with the organizational structure) you liked, here are instructions on how to do it.

How to install Plex on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

As Kodi and similar apps, Plex is popular because it is cross-platform. Media servers available for Windows, Linux and Mac; and app player Plex for Android, iOS, game consoles of the current generation of Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and others.

To install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Linux Mint 19 or any other Linux distribution that supports Snaps, run this command in a new terminal window:

sudo snap install plexmediaserver --beta

In addition, if you are in Ubuntu, you can also find and install Plex from the Ubuntu Software. Just search for it by name (“Plex”), or click this button which will lead you to where you need to Install Plex

Configure Plex Media Server

Setup your Plex Media Server can take as much time as you want, depending on your requests.

how does Plex

You will need to register with your email to use the service, and then the app guides you through all the steps required to configure the media server:

  • Authorisation / Registration
  • To give a name to the server
  • To add media to your library
  • To enable remote access
  • And it is almost all

Remember: if you use your computer as a server, you need to leave it on running Plex Media Server and an active Internet connection to stream video, photos and music on the go.

If you get stuck or you have additional questions, a short guide “Quick Start Plex” will point you in the right direction:

Application to connect to the Plex server

You can view the content in Plex from any device with a web browser using the web interface of Plex. But it is best to use the official apps for different devices for Plex.

Plex premium

30-day free trial is available for Plex Pass users Snap (available here with the code “PLEXPASS-SNAP”).

Plex Pass offers additional functions and integration, including mobile sync, the ability to view free TV (requires antenna and tuner), and, where possible, the ability to record TV to your library using the Plex DVR.

If you want to learn more on the website of the Plex provides an overview of features available in free and paid tariff plans.

By the way, Plex is not the only one who uses Snap as the primary method of distribution.

A growing group of well-known applications, including Skype, Spotify and VLC, introduces simplified centralized app center to distribute their products among the Linux users. Software vendors seem to appreciate optimized installation method, broad support distributions and continuous the automatic update process provided by Snappy.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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