Divinity: Original Sin for Linux will be released in the second half of the year

Divinity: Original Sin is the “old school” isometric cRPG, which contains many different innovations and techniques. The game is not a logical continuation of the Divine Divinity, as the events in Original Sin to happen much earlier. The Central theme of the game – magic and witchcraft. There is an ancient Source of magic: it prohibits so-called “Council of Seven”. Once the ancient sorcerers tried to use “Source” to overthrow “the Council”, but this idea failed. The player’s task – to gather a group of like-minded people, to learn secret knowledge, in order to save the Council.

The advantage of Divinity: Original Sin is the absolute linearity of the plot: which way to go to goal, you are to choose. Don’t be afraid to explore the extensive and rich game world, and you will surely be rewarded!

At the heart of “old school” of the game is turn-based combat system. If you want to get out of the battle not defeated, but victorious, if properly use earned points. Manipulation of the various elements of the game is quite non-trivial and give the ability to defeat even the enemy, superior to you in power many times over.

“Tie” your enemy magic cold, cover it with ice. If the same action was taken against you, use the magic of fire – it will melt any ice. But if your “opponent” gets wet, you will be able to use against him, and electric spells. It is worth noting that such “tricks” in the game quite a lot: to find them all, try to use a win-win method of trial and error.

Now, as for the localization of the game. The company developed by Larian Studios said that the final version of the project will be available on June 20. However, to enjoy the game only users of Windows and OS X. a Version for Linux operating system will be ready a little later.

At the time of writing, Divinity: Original Sin available via Steam and GOG.com the early access program only in the English language. However, soon is expected to release the localization in 5 languages, among which there are Russian.


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