Dead Island

The theme of the zombie Apocalypse extremely popular in film, literature and computer games. One of the games devoted to zombies, is the project “Dead Island” from the Polish company Techland.

Gameplay Dead Island takes place in Papua New Guinea on the island of Bana. For God obvious reasons, the tourists and the natives struck big trouble – the invasion of zombies. Most people were gone or turned into the walking dead. However, there are some survivors in the game you will have to supervise one of them.

Here these characters. Xian Mei – an employee of the resort “Royal palm”, Sam b – star of show-business career which is coming to a close, Logan Carter is a former professional American football player, Doubles – former officer of the Sydney police. Each of the four have immunity to the zombie virus. Their task is to find other survivors, and “on the go” to perform various tasks and quests. You will need to try not to become a victim of the zombies themselves. You will need not only weapons, but also useful resources: food, water, money, etc.

One of the advantages of the game Dead Island is in its realism. Each character has their own scale of strength. Endurance is quickly an exhaustive resource that decreases during strikes, jumping or running. When the empty scale endurance you need to be especially careful, as your character becomes completely vulnerable, though for a few seconds. The weapon is characterized by different parameters: impact force, impact on another character, etc. just as in real life, guns can break. To fix it in the game there are special workbenches. Using the workbench, the weapon can not only fix, but upgrade.

The release of the game Dead Island took place in 2011, but the version for the Linux operating system appeared quite recently. This is the first part of the game, and the second should appear in 2015.

Install Dead Island through Steam.


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