dcfldd — console C (si) represents the utility an enlarged version of the utility “dd“.

dd (dataset definition) — utility to copy files at a byte level. The name of the utility inherited from the operator DD (Dataset Definition) of a programming language JCL (Job Control Language).

dcfldd designed in the computer forensic laboratory DCFL (Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory), for more convenient using of utility “dd” for research (forensic data analysis).

dcfldd can copy a drive or partition in one file (the image), the utility accepts most of the parameters of the “dd“, but it works more efficiently (much faster), has a built-in able hash (hashing) of data being backed up (at intervals), to verify the data integrity (authentication).

dcfldd in addition to supporting the basic features of the existing “dd” has a number of useful functions, for example, after read errors, command execution is not interrupted, the erroneous blocks “default” is written as zeros, displays the progress (displays the number recorded), all actions are logged in the log file checksum (MD5) may be stored in a separate file. To work with the utility requires administrator privileges (root).

dcfldd is a newer version of dccifd, is functionally the same, but in parallel able to calculate checksum using hashing algorithms are MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2, while it extends partially (by subscription).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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