DarkOrbit — free space shooter

DarkOrbit is a browser — based online space MMO game. In it you will become a pilot a spaceship and defend humanity from evil aliens who seek to destroy it.

To start the game, you must register. It is free, but to play you only need a modern browser with support for adobe flash.

The choice of the faction in DarkOrbit

Besides aliens, you will to compete for power with other players playing for the opposite faction. At the beginning of the game you have to choose one of them. Each of the factions their vision of this war and the means to achieve the objectives:

  • Mars mining Organization — is committed to win through brute force and aggression
  • Earth Industries Corporation — believe in the power of money
  • Venus Resources Unlimited — wins at the expense of intellect

Gameplay DarkOrbit

The gameplay is very reminiscent of the old national game Space Rangers. Everything happens in two-dimensional space. With the mouse you control a spaceship which is located in the center of the screen. Left button you give him instructions where to go. Double click on the enemy — the signal to attack! Click on resources allows you to collect them.

On the same principle the interaction with other players and objects in the universe of DarkOrbit. Using the minimap you will always know in what location you are in, see the nearby enemies. Buttons on the edges of the screen, you can control various behaviors of the vehicle, for example to produce missiles during the battle or to establish the improvement of ship, etc.

Ships in DarkOrbit

After the start of the game you are given the easiest ship. Performing various tasks, battling aliens and collecting resources you increase experience, gain tools and later can change the ship though a huge cruiser is able to destroy the alien packs. Also, you can set different weapons on your ships.

You can unite with friends in clans and carry out tasks a whole Armada of ships to build from a lone Ranger and destroy the villains alone in the dark reaches of space. What would you choose DarkOrbit will not disappoint you with lack eksena. It is simply impossible because the game is played more than 80 million active players worldwide!

Register for free and start to pump your ship today!


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