CWallpaper is a small C (si) / C++ graphical utility designed for use in production environments do not have their own tools to manage the desktop background.

CWallpaper is compatible with almost all desktop environments and window managers. A FLTK and GTK version of the interface to control the desktop background can be used console utility fbsetbg, fbsetbg, esetroot , and fehalso has support for KDE Desktop, Nautilus/Caja and Rox, via shell scripts.

CWallpaper is a script to generate the list of Wallpapers (~/config/cwallpaper/wallpapers) of any length, supports preview of the selected image. Options “default” set in the config file (~/.config/cwallpaper/config), you can specify a different config file from the command line. The syntax of the configuration file is quite simple, the documentation has several examples.

License: GNU General Public License (GPLv2 / GPLv3)

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Author: posixru


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