Cpupower-gui — simple utility to limit the maximum and minimum CPU frequencies.

InstallationInstallation in Ubuntu (LinuxMint)

sudo apt install cpupower-gui


Source code: Open Source (pending)

Programming languages: Python

Libraries: GTK

License: GNU GPL

I want to tell you about a little tool cpupower-gui. It allows you to limit the maximum CPU frequency or set the minimum.

You can specify “For all cores” or choose a certain. Thus, reducing the heat and/or power consumption. If BP or MP do not provide proper nutrition, cooling is not enough, then this is a possible solution.

Installed from the repositories of the distribution. But you can download directly from github. The interface represents only 1 window with a pair of pop-up menus and buttons. Not enough translation, but it is not critical, it is simple.

I, during the tests, could not limit frequency of the nuclei to the desired values. Either the base 3.5 GHz + turbo or 2.8 GHz, or 1375 MHz. Frequencies are fixed at positions is given.

Experience: the program is the place to be, but she needs work. It is possible that the fault MP (BIOS) in terms of frequency. The influence of the modes requires a more comprehensive study in games and long loads.
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