Counter Strike in Linux!

Done what for so long dreamed of millions of gamers around the world Counter Strike is available for Linux!

About a month ago it was announced the beginning of beta testing of Counter Strike and Half Life for Linux and here today to buy and enjoy the game anyone can a user of Ubuntu Linux.

All that is needed :

  • Download and install Steam
  • Find in search of game Counter Strike
  • To pay
  • To download the game
  • Start and enjoy the game!
  • Everything was really that simple, but more recently for the game Counter Strike it would be necessary to install wine, to choose the right running in Linux patch game, disable the second monitor, remove PulseAudio, etc., etc.

    Download games

    Installation options for the game

    Run zagruzki from Steam

    To pay for the purchase in Steam credit or debit card, and popular in the Russian segment of Internet payment systems, including Yandex.Money and Webmoney.

    Counter Strike is still one of the most popular team multiplayer games. Despite his advanced age Championships 1.6 hold still, not to mention the popularity among employees of large and small corporations. This phenomenon is quite understandable — simple graphics and familiar gameplay, which was low by today’s standards the hardware requirements and the atmospheric and time-tested results.

    Except Counter Strike is available as well Half Life and CounterStrike: Source. We look forward to porting other games Vlave, such as Counter Strike: GO! Half Life 2, etc.


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