Counter Strike: Global Offensive

23 September 2014 was released version of the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive for the Linux operating system. To purchase the game in digital distribution service Steam. On the hard disk of your computer a new “contra” will take about 6 Gigabytes, that is a little more than the amount needed to install Counter Strike Source. After a small savers (if desired, it can be skipped by pressing ESC), we enter the main menu of the game.

Settings CS:GO

Here you will see your nickname and rewards. From the main menu you can select the game mode, go to settings or in a section of achievements, which shows detailed statistics: the number of accurate shots, kills and deaths, your favorite weapon and map. This page is certainly very useful for those who frequently play Counter Strike. “Inherited” from Counter Strike Source the game switched system is ranked achievements, medals and other stuff. I have to say – all it takes is that to admire himself and brings no real benefit.


section awards

section awards

section awards

We should also mention the graphics settings. There is almost nothing has changed compared to the previous version, except that there is a new antialiasing algorithm Nvidia – FXAA. Well-proven also MSAA 4x and SSAA 4x.

In the next section are such settings as settings of the sight, switch on-off the console and other equally useful options.

After completing settings, go to the choice of specific actions. So, upon pressing “find game” you will transfer to another menu where you can choose the map, game mode and more. It should be noted that now the arms race “GunGame” is not modded, as before, and the official part of the game. The rules have not changed: first you get a gun, but with each new murder become the owner of a more powerful weapon. At the end of the test again you get a knife – they need to kill your opponent. In the “destroy object” to perform a certain task, or to eliminate all enemies.

For those users who are accustomed to the selection menu of the game since version 1.6, the developer left a separate menu item. Log in this point – and you will get access to the old search server. The disadvantage is that the game still can’t remember your search parameters: restarting the game, you all will have to start again. I hope Valve team will soon pofiksit this little drawback.

the choice of game mode

section game selection

section of game settings

window search server Weapons CS: GO

Compared to previous versions of the weapons in Counter Strike: Global Offensive has changed. For example, a new gun – the Tec-9, police became available dual berettas. Is submachine gun MP-5 in the game use MP-7. In addition, the opportunity to arm PP-19 (he is well known to those who played CallofDuty).

Shotguns and machine guns are now considered heavy weapons. “Company” standard M249 machine gun made more than rapid-fire Negev. The terrorists have at their disposal a new assault rifle — Galil AR, which costs $ 2000. Speaking of updates, it is necessary to mention gun-Zeus x27 Taser. This gun does not even have to aim at the enemy – enough that he just stood in front of you.

There are also new products in the section pomegranate: to the terrorists got the famous Molotov cocktail, and police now have access to the same in its effect incendiary grenade. Among the grenades, there are the so-called “garnet-snag” — it mimics the shots.

The main impressions from the game CS: GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has improved the quality of the picture – but then, as they say, there are nuances. Increased texture resolution, the model became more voluminous, less than before, the number of angles. However, the gun looks too new and glossy, as if just came from factory. No fading and other features that would indicate the frequent use of pistols, rifles and machine guns. However, the quality of the drawing of weapons is very good. The new version of “Contra” from the AK-47, the shutter is right where it should be. In previous versions of the game paddle was located on the left.

Improved animations: now and the police and the terrorists move more naturally, and this applies not only jumps and squats, but also things move on the map. On each card was much more difficult.

Barrels and other similar objects are now safe shelters. They don’t budge even with a direct hit to them. Probably for fun a chicken – birds can not only drive, but to kill.

The new version of “Contra” all guns shoot differently. For example, when walking with the included sight picture is blurry, and shoot precisely will not work. Squats also do not contribute to increasing the accuracy of fire. Sitting down, you will become more accurate, but will turn into an easy target. New sight also doesn’t help – so at the first opportunity I changed it to classic.

Definitely glad the fact that the developer left the old console commands. Due to this every experienced player can customize everything in the game from sight appearance.

After a game of CounterStrike: Global Offensive I was left with mixed feelings: Yes, the game has become harder than Source, but this is not to get rid of the impression that she initially “sharpened” under beginners. Very pleased with the quality of the drawing of weapons and skins, study cards. System requirements have increased, but despite this, the game can be installed on the majority of computers. There are small flaws and errors, for which the game can give 8 points out of a possible 10.


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