Connect OneDrive in Linux

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a popular cloud file storage from Microsoft. Now OneDrive gives 7 GB for new users. How do you know OneDrive is well integrated with other Microsoft products. OneDrive also has an official client that automatically uploads your videos and photos from your smartphone to the cloud. But unfortunately this client is not available for the operating systems Linux.

But not as bad. There are several third party applications which makes it very easy to connect to OneDrive in Linux. Insync is a utility. In today’s article we will understand how to connect to OneDriver Linux with Insync

Install Insync on Linux

Despite the popularity and convenience utilities in official repositories, it is not therefore necessary to install the Onedrive client for Linux from the official website of the developer. Open the download page, and click Download:

Then select the version of your operating system. In my case it is 18.04 and wait until you downloaded a deb package. Then open the Deb package in the app center, simply by making it a double click of the mouse, and then click Install.

The installed program can be found in the main menu of the system:

The connection to OneDrive in Linux

In order for this to work you need to sign in to your Microsoft account and open access to this utility. When you first run the utility, it prompts you to add an account, select OneDrive:

Then the browser opens in which you need to enter a username and password from your Microsoft account:

Confirm that the app can have access to your data and close the browser window:

In the application, press Next to proceed to account setup:

Select the folder where files will be synced with the cloud, you can leave the default:

Before beginning synchronization, you can configure which files to synchronize you should not. To do this, click Configure in the window that opens you can enter the names of such files. Or click Not now:

Then select the folders you want to sync and click Sync:

After you sync Onedrive linux you can view the desired files in the program itself or the file system in the folder specified is slightly higher:

By default, all changes are synchronized between the cloud and the local file system. You can add to sync any folder you want. Click on the button with a picture of a cycle on the background of the floppy disk in the right corner of the screen, then select a folder and sync:

Three options are available:

  • to sync to the root folder;
  • to sinhroniziruete in the subfolder;
  • to download files from the selected folder to the root folder.

Select an option and hit Sync. After that, your folder will be synchronized.

To configure which folders to be synchronized with the cloud, you can click the icon of the circle on the background of clouds. Check or uncheck desired folders and click Sync:

That’s about it. Now that you know how to insist connect onedrive in Linux.


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