Civilization: Beyond Earth now on Linux

Play on the “space” theme has always enjoyed, enjoy and will enjoy great popularity, and global turn-based strategy Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth from the American company Firaxis Games is no exception.

The original version of the game was released on 24 October 2014 and 18 December, the company Aspyr Media has posted a official port for the Linux operating system. Despite the fact that the game belongs to the “Civilization”, it is more likely to be called a sequel to “alpha Centauri Sid Meir”. The reason is simple: all rights to the name of the game “alpha Centauri” are owned by Electronic Arts.

The plot and goal of the game

Action Beyond Earth set in the distant future: Earth is dying and people are forced to send a space mission to conquer distant worlds. The astronauts managed to find a planet suitable for life, but then between settlers starts the confrontation.

The whole community of the people was divided into “perfection”, or “philosophy”. One who follows the “life” of a particular philosophy, may obtain access to unique units. What is this philosophy?

First, the Harmony. The one who professes this philosophy seeks to preserve the flora and fauna of the new planet, to join it, using genetic modification. Advocates of the philosophy of Excellence believe in technological progress, and want to conquer the Land to establish her their orders. The third philosophy is called Righteousness. The one who professes it wants to destroy all flora and fauna on the new planet and to evacuate all people to a New World – the Promised Land.

Advocates of these philosophies have different views on human nature. So, according to Harmony, man is “nature’s mistake”, and therefore, the splicing of “Homo sapiens” with the local fauna will allow him to reach the ideal. The essence of the philosophy of Superiority lies in the fact that for their survival and prosperity of humanity can use absolutely any technology: augmentation, automation, neural interfaces. Righteousness seeks to ensure that the purity of the human race was saved. Supporters of the philosophy of the revered old Earth as Sacred.

Accordingly, the aim of the game is different for each of the groups. Followers of Harmony is to achieve Transcendence is to merge with the living mind of the recently discovered planet. For the followers of righteousness, the purpose is referred to as “the promised Land”: the player must open the portal to their ancestral homeland and to settle more people on the new planet.

The release is “idee fixe” for the followers of Superiority. The player opens a portal to Earth through which troops and captured the Ancestral home.

There are 2 objectives for all groups: “Contact” and “Domination”. Contact involves communication with a highly developed race, and the conclusion with it of the Union. And, accordingly, dominion is the destruction of his adversaries and complete the seizure of colonies.

The game is available for purchase and installation through service of distribution of games Steam.


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