cfiles is a small C (si) / Ncurses (Curses) console file Manager with vim-like controls.

cfiles gave up the most fast and lightweight version of the console file Manager ranger, representing the same user interface in the form of visual columns representing a tree of directories.

cfiles supports all standard for most file managers functionality, as well as operations with files and directories (create, delete, copy, paste, move, rename, etc.), supports deletion of files in the “Basket“.

The main difference between functional cfiles from ranger is the lack of features “tabs“, instead, they proposed to run multiple instances of the file Manager. All running instances use a common file and clipboard on the speed of the number of running instances are not affected.

To manage any number of running instances cfiles , you can use the terminal multiplexer or window Manager. You can add directories to bookmarks, there is a search function on the section and on the current directory (fzf), automatically determines the type of file to run respective applications.

cfiles allows you to view metadata, graphics and multimedia files (use mediainfo), you can display thumbnails of images in a terminal emulator window (using w3m), for text files, viewing (briefly and at all terminal emulator window), you can view and unpack the archives (use atool)in any directory, you can open a command prompt and much more…

cfiles can work in most modern terminal emulators, fully supports Unicode (UTF-8), to control who uses keyboard shortcuts similar to those used in Vim (Emacs and Midnight Commander), for storing user preferences, you must create a configuration file, there is a possibility to extend the functionality by using scripts.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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