Capsule, Warlocks, Excubitor and other interesting cross-platform games

Along with big-budget projects of great interest in the cause is simple and uncomplicated games. A striking example of such games are “Capsule”, “Warlocks”, “Shiritori”, “Excubitor”, “UncannyValley”. The first three games are browser-based, and the fourth and fifth desktop.


“Capsule” is a sci – Fi game based on the movie “Cargo” and “Moon”. Big spaceship with people sleeping in the cryocapsules, crisscrossing the Universe in search of planets suitable for habitation. Despite the fact that “the ark” – equipped automatics, with the systems of the ship watching “the Sandman”. Nearing the end of a long 8 year change of the main character. Everything was good, but there is an extraordinary situation – failure of one of the ship’s systems. The main character has to go into the engine room – and from that moment his adventures begin.


Another game that deserves your attention is “Warlocks” – the pixel is “brawler”, enriched with elements of RPG. The player will have all the strength to fight off numerous waves of enemies. In this respect “Warlocks” like “Odin’s Sphere”. In the demo version of the game, which is now available on Kickstarter, is represented by only 4 characters. The full version will be 10. The combat system is “Warlocks” is closer to a RPG than a fighting game. So far, the enemies and the levels are boring, and all the fuss on a small plot of land will bother any player. I hope that this deficiency will be fixed soon.


“Shiritori” is a Japanese equivalent of the Russian game “with words.” You need to say a word, the first letter equal to the last letter of the previous one. The game is useful in that it you can exercise your knowledge of the English language and your intelligence.


In “Excubitor” you’ll have to play for a combat helicopter pilot. Flying war machine is a formidable weapon that can decide the outcome of any battle. Moreover, you can not only fight, but to “cool off”, waiting for an order.

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a flat horror film, something resembling a “LoneSurvivor”. The main character of the game is also plagued by nightmares and mysterious dreams. In the game there is a place for real dangers: the narrative begins in the laboratory with the remains of robots, androids…


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