Breach & Clear: Deadline

Seasoned players know that the company Gun Media creates legends. Breach & Clear has become a very popular game, and last but not least, thanks to Robert Bowling, party Call of Duty for PC and consoles.Some have called Breach & Clear: Deadline, a sequel Breach & Clear. But, to put it mildly, not exactly. Breach & Clear is a pretty primitive tactical strategy. The battlefield in this game consists of cells on which the player drew the path of movement of the warriors, and then gave everyone the “go-ahead” and watched the execution of his orders.

Deadline is still a different story. And not only that instead of the terrorists will have to fight with zombies. The spirit Deadline is much closer to Alien Shooter: here the player controls the character with the keyboard and shoot at the “living dead” with the mouse. However, in Deadline, you control one fighter, and 4 warriors. When the need arises, the game can be put “on pause” and give the necessary commands in “tactical mode”. Of course, at first all 4 fighters there was no need: but in a serious collision they are simply irreplaceable.

The structure of the game resembles the action/RPG: there is one Central location from which soldiers are sent to randomly generated dungeons. However, so far these dungeons to roam it: in the game, extending the early access program, there is only a minimal part of those levels that will be available in the full version Breach & Clear: Deadline. Among the advantages is the fact that there are already weekly tests with high scores table.

At the moment, to understand the way of the development Deadline is not possible. One thing is clear: the developer focuses mainly not on PC, but on console. The developers have not adapted “Champagny” interface, which negatively affected control.

Thus, it seems reasonable not to rush into buying the game, and wait until it is finalized.

The game is available through Steam for Linux distribution.


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