bottom — console – Rust application for monitoring processes and system load.

System monitor bottom has a customizable interface and many features, the main information about system load graphs is visualized and displayed in real-time.

bottom is made under the inspiration of the console system monitor gtop and gotop, it provides two modes of operation used “default” standard (in the likeness of gtop), in the form of several modules and minimalistic/lightweight, partially resembling htop (console monitor).

bottom supports all typical system monitors function displays CPU usage displaying for each core a separate chart and graph total CPU usage, RAM usage and swap space, the data from the sensors of temperature, loading of network interfaces, mount points and disk usage.

bottom displays a list of processes sorted by ID, name, CPU usage or memory. Updating the list of processes you can speed up/decrease and stop moving to the right process it can be completed before you complete the process, you are prompted for confirmation.

In addition to the basic (base) features bottom supports filtering by selected widget, a regular search and search by regular expressions, case sensitive and whole words. For each widget you can set a refresh interval independent of the other and in the process change or reset to original settings.

bottom allows you to open a separate widget in the entire workspace of the terminal emulator (e.g. a list of processes), can be set from the command line and/or in a configuration file (~/.config/bottom/bottom.toml). You can change the number of displayed BEGEROW, their mutual arrangement and appearance.

bottom can work in almost all modern terminal emulators, to control uses VIM-like (vim-like) keyboard shortcuts, the mouse is partially supported. Work with performance monitor and editing the configuration file, documented in detail by the author of the project.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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