blush is a full analogue of the utility grep with support for colors.

grep (short for Global Regular Expression Print) is a powerful console utility for searching data in a text file (the file list) of any type. Search for used compact matching algorithm Boyer-Moore, outstanding pattern, unique and predefined outcome, in the form of strings containing the sample. Utility is part of the project GNU (GNU Grep).

The functionality of grep is extensive, it can be used to search just as files and rows, or multiple rows in the file. The utility finds the string meets the specified search pattern, ordinary string or regular expression and prints them (if the output is not canceled with a special key).

Utility blush and optionally functionally similar to grep, it supports output of search results in user-defined colours (default or custom colors). Each template and/or a regular expression, you can set its color, if color is not specified, all results are displayed in blue.

blush was created specifically to make more visual and intuitive search results are displayed in the terminal emulator.

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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Author: posixru


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