Blob Wars: save the planet from the invaders

We present to your attention an interesting game with 3D graphics-Blob Wars: Blob And Conquer. The genre of arcade platformer will interest absolutely everyone. Throughout the game you have to perform a large number of missions.

The game is a continuation of the second episode 2D game Metal Blob Solid Blob Wars Episode I. Its storyline is based on the struggle of civilization Blob (balls/drops) with the ruthless and evil aliens attacked and enslaved them.

As in the first part of Metal Blob Solid, the main character is a hero named Bob, he’s a drop and took the responsibility to free the planet. His goal is to destroy and cast out from his planet a Horde of invaders, their base, to liberate and rescue the captives. On the way the main character will be a large number of different enemies. It’s robots, aliens, other blobs who became traitors to their race and sided with the enemy, but the main rival will be the leader, Galdov, the leader of the army.

The action takes place in the territories of ancient castles and citadels. That’s where the main character receives the information hidden in the ancient graves of the “crystals of power”. According to legend, these crystals will give the force the main character to defeat the enemy.

Bob has a huge Arsenal of all sorts of weapons. In the game you will encounter more than 30 missions, approximately 12 hours, you will have four difficulty levels, the game levels with different environments such as lava, water, ice, slime.

Missions are divided into main and secondary, the second is optional not obligatory passage. The same weapons that is available is the laser guns. As the game progresses, new opportunities: pistols, shotguns, jetpack, grenades, scuba and more.

The game has a lot of tracks with music and sound effects. The game has customizable controls, you can also use additional features (cheats), immortality, faster shooting, speed and access to all levels. You can use the return level and its passage in order to improve your rating, or to perform minor tasks and save their friends.

Control your character using the keyboard, it’s teleportation, movement and so forth, and when the mouse is shooting, camera control, performing jumps.

Installation in Ubuntu Blob Wars

Game is installed from the standard Ubuntu repositories. Search in app Center according to the word of blobwars. Install the game, you can also use the command:

sudo apt-get install blobwars

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