BEd (Beamer Editor)

BEd: Beamer Editor — convenient Python / QT (PyQt) GUI application for creating and editing presentations with Beamer (LaTeX presentations).

Beamer — created in the 2008 year class for LaTeX allows you to create slides for presentations with the possibility of incorporating complex mathematical formulas, chemical equations, illustrations, and animations. Created presentation may have a distinct structure that is comfortable to navigate and move during the presentation.

LaTeX most popular set of macrodactylini (the macro package) of the computer typesetting system TeX, which makes it easier to set complex documents. The package allows you to automate many of the tasks of typing and preparation of articles, besides the basic set, there are many expansion packs (thanks to the system’s capabilities is virtually unlimited).

Beamer was originally developed by Till Tantau (Till Tantau), this is not the first class LaTeX for creating presentations, and like many of his predecessors (e.g. the prosper package) it has the special commands for the definition of “slide“, extended syntax for color management, the order of appearance of the elements of the slide and more…

BEd is the most simple, intuitive user interface and many settings.allows you to easily move, crop, resize, added to the presentation images, graphics and stock charts created using macrobolic TikZ/PGF, text blocks or special characters.

Used BEd file format is a standard TEX (*.tex) file, you can use the compiled files in third-party LaTeX editors (LyX, Texmaker, TeXworks, Kile , etc). To ensure basic functionality of the editor is necessary the existence of a set of applications of TeX Live (set LaTeX support TeXcommunity) or MiKTeX (package of applications and supplements for the preparation of TeX/LaTeX documents).

Open BEd ready TEX-file (plus *.log file created during compilation) is parsed by the editor to find all the elements generated by pdflatex for preliminary viewing of each element (img, tkp, txt, arw etc) editable document (in PDFformat).

Built in BEd the document displays changes in real-time preview based on the gross modification of images extracted from an intermediate PDF file. Viewing in real time helps to “visually track” the changes, to view the final result file need to be recompiled (usually within a few seconds), you can recompile only the current frame (to save time).

BEd allows included in the presentation elements to copy, paste and cut (individually, by group, all the scenes), group, and share compatible elements (groups of elements), move the elements “in depth“and to use the frame templates. You can add to the presentation of hyperlinks (including images), PDFfiles, and video files (some apps for viewing PDF open them in an external video player).

BEd supports syntax highlighting (uses the library pygments), repeat function and return the changes (Undo/Redo) unlimited, to perform most modifications can use the mouse, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts (fully customizable).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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