Beaker Browser

Beaker Browser experimental browser, which works on peer-to-peer.

The browser allows you to browse sites as normal HTTP or HTTPS, and sites, using peer-to-peer connection.

When you visit the “peer-to-peer sites” the connection is between the other users using the Beaker Browser. “Peer-to-peer sites” reside on the computers of the users.

To access “peer-to-peer sites” Protocol is used and DAT URL dat://

Beaker Browser allows you to publish sites directly from your browser and requires no set up and administer a separate web server. In fact, between the user hosting the “peer-to-peer sites”, forming a decentralized network. Similar technology can be compared to the torrent networks.

To the user’s website was available to visitors when the browser is closed, you can use the following methods:

  • Ask other users to save a copy.
  • To host a website on a third party server.
  • To create a permanent home server using Dat Protocol and publish the sites on that server.


From the official website of the program you can download ready AppImage package that requires no installation.

Installation via Snap

sudo snap install beaker-browser


Development of the program deals company: Blue Link Labs.

Used: Electron.

Browser engine-Chromium.

Source code: Open Source (pending)

The program is cross-platform
Works in:

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows

Screenshots of the program

  • Beaker Browser 1.0.0 (prerelease 4) (version: 1.0.0 prerelease 4)


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