Battle for Wesnoth (Battle for Wesnoth)

Tactical turn-based strategy Battle for Wesnoth (Battle for Wesnoth) will immerse you in hours-long battles in the wonderful world of fantasy.


The gameplay is quite simple but at the same time interesting. Similar in many ways to the old dos games such as Panzer General, etc. In a few words: you control the army that you can recruit in your camp for the only resource is gold. The gold you receive in the villages that capture their units in the process of moving around the map.

Units the game features several fantasy races. Among them there are elves, orcs, goblins, zombies with gargoyles, sea creatures and of course people. The units of each race are divided into classes: warriors, archers, mages, etc. Each unit of each race has its own unique features, different movement range for different terrain and different attack bonuses depending on terrain unit,and which attacks and depending on the location of the unit who attacked. Finding a unit in the Union village gradually restores his health and gives bonuses to defense.

Each mission or each map in a multiplayer game have their own winning features. For example in the first mission of the company “the heir to the throne” you need to bring the character to a certain area of the map avoiding enemy units. In the second to withstand a siege of enemy troops. In the third to seize the island and defeat all enemy units, and to do it within a certain number of moves, etc.

The company’s well thought out, playing them you read a certain storyline that is too complicated, and on the other makes the game more interesting (not stupid mochilovo fight and with meaning). Units in the scenarios can keep a fun conversation with you and among themselves.

The graphics in the game are closer to the pixel sprite, probably because it may seem outdated, but in games of this genre the graph is not important. Gameplay the lack of modern 3D effects has no effect. The game is not lohim music in a fantastic style.

The installation of the game Battle for Wesnoth (Battle for Wesnoth) in Ubuntu linux

The game is available both for Linux and for Windows, the installer for the latest can be downloaded on the official website of the game: In Ubuntu, the game can be installed from the official repository searching in the software Center package wesnoth, or by running in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install wesnoth

Additionally, the game is available in digital distribution service Steam, and also totally free. You can install it from there and always use the latest version (packaged by the distro may not be the latest). How to install Steam written in this article.


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