AssaultCube — a three-dimensional network first person shooter for Linux. You can also play alone with bots. The game offers a large selection of weapons, maps, game modes.

AssaultCube has good graphics and overall design. The game is not demanding to computer resources and network resources and can work even on relatively weak computers. The gameplay is very exciting, but to control the game does not require special skills.

For multiplayer games there are many AssaultCube servers to which you can connect from the main menu (opened by pressing Escape). In the game’s included level editor. Moreover, it is possible to create a map in real-time with other players.

Overall AssaultCube like Counter Strike, even the weapons in the games are similar.

The game is completely free and takes up very little space, the archive weighs only about 40MB. AssaultCube uses the game engine Cube. The first version of the game had the name ActionCube.

The game is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

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To install AssaultCube in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install assaultcube
The website of the game:AssaultCube
Download the game:Download AssaultCube
Cross-platform game
Works in:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS

Screenshots of the game

  • Sniper rifle. Map of the desert.

  • Guns.

  • Fight with knives.

  • Rifle.


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