Anoxemia: underwater horror-adventure game

You like to solve riddles and puzzles in games, constantly look for answers to their questions? Then you definitely have to like the horror-adventure game Anoxemia, released on January 16. Creators of new games have become two companies Zomboko BSK Games and Entertainment. The game is intended for Windows platforms, Mac OS and Linux.

The game takes place under water – Dr. Bailey went in a submarine in the contaminated zone of the ocean to take some samples for further study. However, from the very beginning something went wrong: should Dr. Bailey to leave the submarine, as all communication was lost and the boat went to the bottom.

Bailey survived, but was in a very unenviable situation: the oxygen in the cylinders ends, and the possibility to turn to someone for help is absolutely no. The strength of the doctor can only move forward, following his drone, ATMA. Over time, however, Dr. Bailey began to suspect that the drone wants to sabotage his mission…

The wayward drone: he’s definitely not going to wait and see if the doctor will go far. But without it too it is impossible – it illuminates the doctor’s way through the complex and intricate network of caves that filled with lots of mysteries and real danger.

On your way you must collect various items and upgrades: for example, harpoon, dynamite, etc. No need to forget about the oxygen tanks and the charging for the drone, without which it simply will not be able to continue your journey.

Each drone or enemy, why drone doctor? Why the submarine crashed? Why is there no communication with the surface? The answer to this and other questions you will need to find in Anoxemia. Install the game via Steam.


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