Age of Wonders III

At the beginning of last month on Steam there was a record from the developers of Age of Wonders III, which shows that it began full-scale work on porting strategy on Linux. However, the date of release is notified and was not.

Company Triumph Studios announced the game in February 2013: at that time, work on the creation of Age of Wonders III lasted two years. Initially, the release of Age of Wonders III for the PC is planned for autumn, but for “technical reasons” it was moved to March 31, 2014.

The game is the fourth in the series, her name translates into Russian as “the Age of miracles.” On various sites Age of Wonders III received from 7 to 8 points on a 10 point scale.

The possibility of producing Linux versions of turn-based strategy discussed earlier, but accurate information about the active development appeared only recently. Interestingly, the idea to move the game on Linux came from the users themselves. Then in Steam appeared appropriate section to discuss this proposal.

Age of Wonders 3 – a fully three-dimensional game in which you will have to travel to a fantasy world, wage wars for control over localities, and to use magic to control the elements. The game’s plot tells the story of the armed conflict between the Alliance of elves and Imperial Commonwealth.

In this part, “Age of miracles”, the same as in the previous one, has remained turn-based fighting system. However, it is now largely reworked: for example, the developers added attack from the flanks and gave new units with special skills.

The player can choose which of the six races him to fight for the elves, dwarves, humans, draconians, orcs, or goblins. With the genre RPG strategy have in common the existence of classes for heroes: warlord, Theocrat, rogue, Supreme druid, a mage and a technocrat. Besides, each character selects the specialization: so, you can be an adept or master of water, fire, air, earth, Builder, Explorer, etc. it Should be noted that the developers have provided the game with a level editor and a random map generator.

At the time of this writing, Steam is present version only for Windows OS.


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