5 best torrent clients for Linux

Files torrents may have a certain reputation, but the torrent is just a way of dissemination. Torrents transmit data via the BitTorrent Protocol to facilitate decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing.

That is why torrents are an accepted part of the world of free and open source software. Many Linux distributions have a limited server capacity for the load. Torrents allow users to access the Linux distributions, and then help to distribute the software.

Regardless of what You are going to download and distribute, let’s see what torrent client Linux best suited for this job?


The initial purpose was to provide qBittorrent uTorrent-like client for Linux, because at the time, this proprietary product has not been delivered with the Linux platform. Because uTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client outside of China, many people will find the interface familiar qBittorrent.

The developers of qBittorrent has also taken on the task of playing the set of features that to satisfy people, used to uTorrent. So if you are used to uTorrent and go to Linux, then this may be your first app. You might even want to download qBittorrent for Windows, just to avoid changes to uTorrent over the last decade or so.

qBittorrent is written in Qt, and it is an added bonus for Linux users who don’t use PC GTK. Qt is a cross-platform language, so qBittorrent is a great app if You want to use the same software on different operating systems.


The Deluge, another torrent client open source, designed for fast, easy and multifunctional work. You can set the speed limits and plan when you can use more bandwidth. Also has password protection and the ability to increase the list of features by installing plugins.

Deluge is a cross – platform, so it is also available for Windows and MacOS. Deluge also can run inside a web browser and works well in the terminal.

Technically, there is one difference between Deluge and other applications, and it is that it uses the Python language, not C. In contrast to qBittorrent, the application interface for Linux in the Deluge – only GTK+. Fans of Qt, looking for another alternative, you can continue to scroll through the list.


Transmission for a long time served as the torrent client by default on many Linux distributions, and for good reason. This is a free software application that exists long enough to be able to prove its reliability. The developers designed this software with simplicity in mind, so beginners will find it easier to sink into it.

At that time, as the Linux community widely uses Transmission, the design of the application oriented cross-platform use. Transmission uses a common backend, but uses the desktop interface. Application for default Linux uses GTK+, but there is an option on the Qt, and the version for MacOS to look like a native app for MacOS.

This is another torrent client Linux is versatile enough to run inside a web browser. Prefer using the command line? You can run Transmission from there.

The language of design is fully consistent with Transmission GTK era of GNOME 2, which means that it will fit right into the desktop environment MATE. The same is true for other interfaces that have preserved the traditional paradigm of the desktop, such as Xfce and Cinnamon. But if you are using GNOME 3 then you might like the next version of our list.

GNOME Fragments

GNOME Fragments is even more simple, even compared to Transmission. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The client removes all complexity from torrent and it comes with an initial startup screen with simple instructions to get you started.

Fragments is an excellent choice for Linux users who download torrents only from time to time and more worried about how to download a torrent file, not about what you can do with it. Even users, a long time working with torrents, will appreciate what this torrent client is as simple as a download Manager for your browser.


The developers have created most of the above applications using the GTK+ Toolkit. If you are using a desktop LXQt or KDE Plasma, it may not look perfect. These desktop environment using the Qt Toolkit, so software developed on Qt, it looks more integrated and requires fewer libraries loaded in the background.

Many Linux distributions contain Transmission by default, but if You prefer KDE Plasma, You most likely will see KTorrent. Fortunately, this torrent client for Linux most likely does all You need and more.

Interface KTorrent seems to be overloaded, but You get more features and some extra features. For example, KTorrent allows you to group torrents by categories, which can be useful if you are downloading many torrents at the same time. Also, to expand the functionality of the application, there is its own system of add-ons.

Are there any other torrent clients for Linux?

If you are not particularly important whether you use free software or software with open source, there are some proprietary apps that the company has made available for Linux.

Vuze is one of the options written in Java (so it is better not to run it on an older machine).

Taxati – another option that is portable enough to install it on a USB-stick.

However, if, like many Linux users, do you prefer free and open source software, here are the five best torrent clients:

  • qBittorrent
  • Deluge
  • Transmission
  • GNOME Fragments
  • KTorrent

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