5 best Linux distributions of 2019 (in your opinion)

It was a busy year for Linux.

Join us, we will now consider the best Linux distributions in 2019 and spoiler: they’re not all based on Ubuntu!

See, it can be a blog about Ubuntu and the world around him, but he does not exist in a vacuum. There are a ton of Linux distributions, spins and branches, all thrive far beyond the orange bubble. And I know some of you reading these very words, now use them!

So, we asked and you responded; the following is a list of the best Linux distributions, 2019, chosen by you and your companion.

Releases best Linux distributions in 2019

Well, before you dive into reading, pay attention to two things:

First, this list below are not in any meaningful manner. And because all these releases are awesome. The selection of the winner would be too complicated!

But feel free to let me know in the comments who’s best in the top five in your opinion, if you want.

Second, if you or someone you know is thinking about learning Linux in the new year, add this post to bookmarks right now! This list is not just summarizing the article, but a good starting point for the study of the distribution, if necessary.

Finally, remember that the following distributions have been chosen by the readers.

If your favorite release isn’t on the list, so he did not get enough votes, and not what I don’t like it.

Manjaro 18.1.x

Manjaro is a Linux distribution based on Arch which uses pacman as the package Manager. The distribution is also available with a choice of desktop environments, including Xfce, KDE Plasma 5 and GNOME Shell.

Now Manjaro is what is called a distribution with a “release slip”. This means that you install it once and then continue to install the updates to run “the latest” version.

However, in the distribution there are milestones (think of them as jump points, if you itch) that facilitate installation and startup.

18.1 Manjaro comes with a new app graphic interface called buah, which simplifies the application management Snap and Flatpak in all major versions.

There is also a new selection screen office Suite that allows users to choose between LibreOffice and FreeOffice from Softmaker depending on their performance needs.

The subsequent point updates, the latest of which is Manjaro 18.1.4, the more refined the feature set, reducing the number of required updates after installation.

Also of note is the excellent support for Manjaro 64-bit ARM-based chips. This makes the distribution a viable alternative OS for laptop users PineBook or PineBook Pro Linux.

Download Manjaro Linux

Fedora Workstation 31

No list of the major releases of distributions would be complete without a Fedora. Fedor is one of the leading Linux distributions, and so, naturally, the latest version of Fedora Workstation 31 is included in this list.

However, the release of Fedora 31 not the most memorable. The main highlight of the release is the inclusion of “function isolated container” called Fedora Toolbox.

31 Fedora Workstation is running GNOME 3.34. The innovation “introduces significant performance improvements will be especially noticeable on equipment that use less energy,” says Matthew Miller of Fedora.

Here you can get more information about all the changes included in this release or just download it, install it and try everything yourself.

Download Fedora Workstation 31

Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine’

Well, I can’t resist anymore; I need to talk about Ubuntu 19.10.

Ubuntu – the world’s most successful desktop Linux distribution and release of this October, dubbed “Eoan Ermine”, confirmed this fact royalty.

One of the strongest releases of Ubuntu in recent years, Ubuntu 19.10 hell, Packed a bunch of things. Improved performance of the GNOME desktop Shell; the proprietary graphics drivers by NVIDIA, is available in ISO; and experimental support for system installation using the ZFS filesystem.

Also Ubuntu offers improved system theme (including dark mode); a few new application icons; and, with the inclusion of GNOME 3.34, create app folder in Launchpad.

In short, Eoan Ermine is excellent and is an excellent basis for the release of Ubuntu 20.04 expected in April 2020.

Download Ubuntu 19.10 (64-bit.iso)

Zorin OS 15

The release of Zorin OS 15 even in the summer, has won numerous applause from the fans, new and old, including me!

The distribution based on Ubuntu, has a USP (unique selling proposition) and suggested retail price: Zorin 15 Ultimate costs € 39.

For this money, users get a distro with tons of great software and some alternative layouts desktop. As a desktop Zorin OS 15 takes aesthetic GNOME Shell, but turns it into something more “traditional” – making this OS the first competitor to Linux Mint, which is often called the best distro for beginners.

Of course, you don’t need to buy it because the free version (Zorin OS Core) are readily available (and this is the version that I tried).

Zorin OS Lite 15, version, is designed for devices with low power consumption, it’s worth checking out. The release was issued in late November, but Xfce 4.14 makes desktop look incredible, like from another world.

To try Zorin OS 15.1

elementary OS 5.1

Elementary OS 5.1, despite the fact that she only released this month, was very highly appreciated by readers, answering our questions. The release of elementary OS 5.1 is based on the foundations laid in the version of elementary OS 5, based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

In desktop applications the Pantheon there are a few thoughtful improvements ranging from a redesigned screen logon and welcome, to subtle illumination of hotkeys in many applications menu.

Built-in support for applications Flatpak (although Yes, you can also launch app Snap) and the Linux kernel 5.0 is simply mouth-watering pie.

Install elementary OS 5.1

The best of not included

Peppermint 10 OS launched in may. The distro is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but with no compromise on style or choice of apps. LXDE desktop is well suited for devices with low power consumption, this means that the installed Peppermint OS 10, will make your old computer feel the freshness and renewal.

I can not refrain from admiration for the stunning Regolith Linux. We called it “… i3 Ubuntu version that you dreamed of,” when I covered it back in June, and this slogan is still valid!

One of the advantages is that you do not have to install the distro to work on the desktop, i3-wm, because you can set the desktop Regolith 19.10 on Ubuntu using PPA – convenient!

Another interesting option was mentioned by several readers. Maybe the positive buzz around the project, Intel Clear Linux makes you interest?

Although I have yet to personally see the “distribution” issue of “rolling release” (I have no compatible hardware), however I am intrigued by reports about his performance and productivity. Worth a look, definitely.

Pop! _OS – homegrown Linux distribution based on Ubuntu from the computer manufacturer System76. The Release Of Pop! _OS 19.10 comes with some modest changes, including the updated sound effects, the option of dark mode, and support for offline updates.

Finally, the desktop environment Deepin (part of the Linux Deepin distro, but available in other distributions, including Fedora and Manjaro) continues to attract people’s attention.

Looks like the favorite child of iOS 12 and Windows 10, promising thing – let’s hope some of these there are glaring security issues in packages for the desktop PC will be fixed soon!

5 Best Linux Distros of 2019 (As Picked By You)We recap the best Linux distro releases of 2019, as chosen by you. And spoiler: they’re not all Ubuntu based, either! Read on ti find out what was picked.

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