25 project ideas for the Raspberry Pi that will help you to use your Pi

I will not exaggerate if I call the Raspberry Pi the revolutionary gadget. When it was first launched in the 2011-12 year, people just couldn’t believe that PC can be available for just $ 25.

If you bought a Raspberry Pi and have no idea what to do with it, I’ll cover you. I am going to list some cool projects Raspberry Pi, which you can start to follow in your free time.

These ideas project the Raspberry Pi is not limited only by Pi. You can use them with the likes of Raspberry Pi devices, such as the Orange Pi, Khadas, etc.

25 cool projects for Raspberry Pi

I have listed these projects, divide them by level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Some of them require additional hardware and sensors.

Of course, it should be noted that the ease of use of these projects will depend on your experience. So, let’s look at them.

Ideas for projects on Raspberry Pi for beginners

1. Media server

Create a media server using Rasberry Pi is the most common and probably the simplest project.

To learn more about this application, you can refer to the official documentation for using Kodi with the Raspberry Pi (which is one of the most affordable programs for media servers).

To use Kodi on the Raspberry Pi

2. Weather station

If you are good in build projects with electronic components, the creation of a weather station using a Raspberry Pi is a must have for your fun.

This idea may not seem very simple to begin with – but is not difficult if you carefully examine the requirements of the project.

You will be able to collect data about the weather using various sensors according to your needs and wishes.

The project is described on the official website of the Raspberry Pi, so you can implement it in the simplest way.

See the project weather station

3. Parent detector

Another project from the official website of Raspberry Pi. This project uses minimal hardware to configure the motion detector, which then starts the video recording using the camera module of the Raspberry Pi.

Of use weight. If you are a parent, you can monitor your baby when he / she enters your room. In any case, this project may also be useful to monitor your front door as a security measure.

You can find all the necessary details on the official website of Raspberry Pi.

To learn more about the parent detector

4. FM radio

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap device to create FM radio station. Preconditions he may be little, but it is worth exploring for the sake of entertainment.

Please note that it is possible should not interfere with local FM frequency. You can find all the details to configure your Raspberry Pi as a FM radio station by following the link below.

Configure FM radio transmitter

5. Server for the game Minecraft

Minecraft is a pretty popular game. However, if you need a personal server, you most likely will have to pay.

But don’t worry, you can use your Raspberry Pi to create a local server to create your own world and have fun with family and friends.

To create your own server for the game Minecraft

6. Temperature log

This is something interesting that I found on the official website to help you to learn a few things, for example – how to write data to a file, etc.

Here you will record the temperature using a sensor.

You need to use the command line to control the temperature of your Raspberry Pi.

To configure the temperature log

7. Retro-gaming console

You can turn the Raspberry Pi into a gaming console simply by installing the OS on an SD card and transferring a few files.

We also have an article on how to turn your old computer into a gaming console for the so-called retrogaming if you’re interested.

The link below you will find a resource that will help you start a similar project.

Start retro-gaming console

8. A full-fledged desktop computer

If you don’t want to invest a lot of resources into creating a PC, you can easily use the Raspberry Pi.

Technically, your Raspberry Pi will be the heart of your PC, and you only need to add peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.), to turn it into a PC. If you wish, you can also create a custom case for your new PC, however, it is absolutely necessary.

It is obvious that such a computer would not be powerful enough for all kinds of tasks – but he will be fit for use.

You can also consider the experiences of 4 Raspberry Pi as a desktop replacement on their official website. The link is below.

The Raspberry Pi as a personal computer

Ideas for projects on the Raspberry Pi the average level

9. Create a web LAMP server with WordPress

If you are doing web development, you can try to build LAMP server (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) and install WordPress to create website.

You can also do something else from scratch, not installing WordPress.

You will be able to access the site on any device in the same network as the Raspberry Pi.

Create a web LAMP server

10. Laser trap

This is similar to the concept of parent detector that uses the motion sensor. In this case, the laser beam is used to detect activity whenever someone breaks the beam.

You just need a few things to set up the alarm and complete the design of stretch marks. Of course, this is a simple project with potentially different applications.

To make a laser trap

11. The print server

What if you can turn your old printer on a network, even if it has no built-in Wi-Fi module?

This is the essence of this project. You will be able to access the printer from multiple devices using the print server. Check out all the details to easily configure it below.

To configure the Raspberry Pi as a print server

12. Camera Time Lapse shooting

Search for cheap camera especially for time lapse? In General, you can make it yourself using a Raspberry Pi.

You can use a camera module or Pi to explore other options.

To construct a Time Lapse camera

13. Music Box

You can create a music box, operated by buttons using the Raspberry Pi to have a great time with your children or music lovers.

When you press the button, it will play a sound. You can find a short description of the project in the video above, for more details click on the link below.

To Design Music Box

14. Google building on the Raspberry Pi

If you could configure and customize Google Assistant on your Raspberry Pi, you would have turned it into an inexpensive alternative to Google Home DIY, right?

Fortunately, this can easily be accomplished with a Raspberry Pi and after watching the video above.

15. To construct a Smart TV

If you know how to configure a media server on the Raspberry Pi (as suggested in the first paragraph of this article), you can do it.

Using Kodi (or similar program) you can create your own personal smart TV, working on your chosen media server.

More about smart TV on the basis of Raspberry Pi

16. Add gesture control to Raspberry Pi

You can add gestures to any of your projects on the Raspberry Pi using Flick Board.

This may not be the cheapest feature, but it is an impressive touch for any of your project Raspberry Pi.

Add gesture controls

Advanced level ideas for projects on the Raspberry Pi

17. Tor router

If you are a person who wants to learn ways to improve your personal digital privacy, you can start with creating your own local router Tor.

This allows you to encrypt your Internet connection and stay anonymous while browsing the web pages. It’s just something like a VPN, but technically different.

To build a tor router

18. Voice control led

It’s pretty interesting. I mentioned a project in which you can set up Google Assistant on your Raspberry Pi. However, in this case, you will be able to control LEDs with your voice.

This time you don’t need an assistant, all you need is voice dialing Google AIY.

This project was included in the official list of DIY projects using the Raspberry Pi you can get more information there.

To control LEDs voice

19. Wi-Fi amplifier

If you want to increase the range of your Wi-Fi network, you may need to choose a premium gadget that can help you with this or you can use a Raspberry Pi to do the job.

Yes, that’s right, you can create a amplifier Wi-Fi simply by using your Raspberry Pi.

Turn your Raspberry Pi into an amplifier Wi-Fi

20. VPN Server

You don’t need to trust VPN providers, if you can create your own local VPN server. Although it can be quite difficult to do.

So if you are ready for some difficulties, you can use your Raspberry Pi to make private VPN server for your connection. Find out more about it here:

To know about a VPN server.

21. Home automation using Raspberry Pi

Many powerful projects can be implemented using Raspberry Pi, is one such project – “Automated house”.

Implement home automation is expensive. But if you use a Raspberry Pi to create something like this, ultimately it will require a much smaller investment. Of course, you will have to explore and improve this project to make it more reliable, but you can start with the basics.

The basics of home automation

22. Local cloud server

You can create your own personal cloud using a Raspberry Pi. As well as set Nextcloud to protect and store your data.

There are lots of interesting things to research when you have your own cloud, right?

To set up a local cloud server

23. Portable hacking device

Let me make one thing clear: I am not asking you to do something illegal (as in movies), creating a portable hacking device.

So, just for educational or testing purposes, feel free to try to make my own portable device for the hacking with the Raspberry Pi.

To create a portable hacking device

24. Smart Gloves

Creating a smart glove is a really cool project with the Raspberry Pi. In my student years, I witnessed how older do this thing, that was interesting.

You can refer to the official resource for this project and begin work.

Make smart gloves

25. Ad blocker

With Raspberry Pi you can easily implement an online ad blocker, so you don’t have to install ad blockers on separate devices or in browsers.

You need to install an ad-blocker Pi-Hole and set it. Watch the video above and then visit the official resource from the link below.

Block ads


Here I have listed some of the most interesting projects I could find, and that may be useful to you.

If you have other interesting ideas, let me know in the comments below. I could update the list of projects the Raspberry Pi with your suggestions and your ID.

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