19.10 Ubuntu Beta now available for download

Before the release of Ubuntu 19.10 there are only two weeks, so the developers have released a beta version for wider testing.

Ubuntu 19.10 beta is pretty much finished at this point; all proposed core changes and features well-known and present.

So, Yes: you can try the Linux kernel 5.3; to bask in the new light GTK theme Yaru; enjoy GNOME 3.34; and bond with the system in the background desktop Wallpaper.

19.10 Ubuntu will also boot faster than previous versions, and, at least on the Intel offers download of the “flicker-free” (for some users there are caveats).

Gamers will appreciate the ability to install Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu 19.10 directly from the installer. It is this progressive change, the decision to include proprietary drivers in ISO,will be the most famous part of this release, when it will appear next month.

Just a hunch 😉

You can view our full guide Ubuntu 19.10 for more information about the nuts and bolts of this particular release.

But to experience the Eoan Ermine in full you will need to download Ubuntu 19.10 beta servers Ubuntu:

Download Ubuntu 19.10 Beta (64-bit .iso)

Use a tool such as Etcher to burn the image of Ubuntu 19.10 beta ISO on a USB drive, which you can then use to boot your computer, testing and/or installation for future use.

You can, of course, to sit back and wait for the final stable release, which will be released next month. At this point you can go to the Ubuntu 19.10 19.04 directly with no downloads ISO is not required.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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