15 released Zorin OS based on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2

The new version of Zorin OS, a distribution based on Ubuntu, available for download. He makes a great first impression!

15 Zorin OS based on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2. Users of the new version will receive access to a number of updated applications, as well as receive future updates to the Linux kernel, including Linux Kernel 5.0, using Canonical Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE).

When you use easy to forget that the desktop of Zorin OS based on GNOME Shell, that is the same shell as GNOME, used almost everywhere these days.

Probably, I would love to learn a little more about Zorin OS 15, so let’s talk!

Zorin OS 15

Zorin is Linux with a human face, almost the same as regular Ubuntu. And over the years its developers definitely learned about what it takes to create a successful, well thought-out distribution.

But let’s begin with get one thing straight: Zorin OS – not just another build of Ubuntu. As as Linux Mint and elementary OS is a Linux distribution that vidalita its advantages.

Wait! What happened to Zorin OS 13 and 14?

The previous stable version of Zorin OS was version 12, so you may be wondering what happened to versions 13 and 14.

Well, don’t panic: you do not miss them. A leading developer of Zorin OS explains why in this issue there is a small jump in the version number:

“Cause that really is the 15th version of Zorin OS. Between Zorin OS 1.0 and 2.0 in 2009, we released a version of “Limited Edition ’09” [so] we decidedthat we had the opportunity to adjust the version number in this release”.

Sounds reasonable.

Zorin OS desktop and appearance

By default, Zorin OS looks very similar to Windows – let’s call it “traditional”. According to the plan, the distribution is targeted at those who prefer Windows, plunging into the terrible waters of Linux.

This desktop has a single panel at the bottom of the screen. Here is a traditional application menu, quick access to favorite applications, the area of the taskbar and, in the end, the notification area and system tray.

Though he looks a little weird, it’s still Gnome Shell.

Interestingly, the developers of Zorin moved to GNOME Shell Ubuntu 3.30 18.04 users to benefit from a number of performance improvements and fundamental functions.

GNOME Shell 3.28 – this is the version for standard delivery Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, so 3.30 is a real leap!

New mode for touch screens

If the “traditional” mode you don’t like, you have an alternative!

Operating system Zorin offers several alternate views of the desktop, including the latest release features a new “touch mode”:

Looks great, right?

When touch mode is enabled, the desktop is rebuilt to “maximize space for apps and content.” Also added gesture support that allows you to use different movements to interact with Windows and taskbar.

On devices 2-in-1, I think you could easily write a script that automatically enables touch mode when the device is placed in the tablet mode.

Support automatic switch to dark theme

Different themes is another feature of Zorin OS 15. The program comes with a new GTK theme, created exclusively for this release. It is available in a choice of 6 color themes – Adwaita, for example, is!

Was also added dark theme. Moreover, Zorin OS 15 has a setting to automatically turn on dark theme after sunset and return to the light version in the morning. To use this, just check the parameters in Zorin Appearance > Theme > Background dialog box.

Zorin Connect

View and respond to notifications Android from your desktop

Another notable addition to Zorin OS 15 is the integration with Android smartphones. Through a special application called “Zorin Connect”, it may be familiar to some of you.

Based on GSConnect and KDE Connect , “Zorin Connect” helps to integrate and link your laptop or PC to your smartphone, providing many interesting features including:

  • Use your phoneas a mouse;
  • Quick file transfer from your computer to phone and PC;
  • View and respond to notifications Android your workingth tablea;
  • PRinspection items control of the media player.

And a whole bunch more.

The desktop part of the “Zorin Connect” pre-installed in Zorin OS 15. You will need to connect to it using the free app “Zorin Connect” for Android that can be installed from Google Play store:

Download Zorin Connect to the Google Play

Other changes

Mozilla Firefox is now the browser Zorin by default (earlier versions of the distribution used Chromium), but the mail client – Evolution, not Thunderbird.

Distribution upgrade also includes the latest version of LibreOffice 6.2, and a set of core GNOME applications, including Calendar , Weather and Notes.

Other changes in Zorin OS 15:

  • The Linux Kernel 4.18;
  • Support color Emoji;
  • System font: Inter;
  • New background and screen download;
  • Personalization settingsof the EC to the task bar and menu applicationy;
  • The application menu is opened with the super key;
  • Device support Thunderbolt 3;
  • Mass file renaming in the File Manager.

15 Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2. This means that in the near future when Ubuntu updates the Linux kernel to version 5.0 in Ubuntu LTS 18.04.3, users Zorin OS 15 will also receive the update.

Download Zorin OS 15

Official web site Zorin offers several versions to download, including the Core (free) edition and Ultimate (paid) edition.

To download Zorin OS 15 from the official website of the project (for free), just go to the official website:

Download Zorin OS Core 15

Zorin OS Ultimate 15 costs 39€

Zorin OS 15 available in “Core” and “Ultimate”. This article mainly deals with the Core version, because, well, it’s free!

But if you’re the type of Linux user who likes to maintain distributions coin, then try Zorin OS Ultimate.

“Ultimate” is the paid version of Zorin (worth 39 euros). It has full features (free) basic version as well as a number of additions:

  • 6 layouts of the desktop, including macOS and Ubuntu;
  • Additional pre-installed software, including Blender and GIMP;
  • 20 pre-installed games, including SuperTuxKart;
  • Access is based on XFCE Lite version;
  • Access the support.

Necessary? No. But is it useful? Yes.

Despite the fact that in the paid version “Ultimate” added to the add not everyone like it, worth paying for the convenience (plus you help to support the distribution itself).

Buy Zorin OS Ultimate 15

Upgrade to Zorin OS 15

Are you using Zorin OS 12.1 and want to upgrade?

Well, until you can’t do that.

Now, a new “upgrade tool” that will allow you to switch from Zorin OS Zorin OS 12.1 to 15 without losing any data. Although the tool is not yet available, the developers of Zorin say that it will be available in the summer – so stay tuned!


15 Zorin OS looks beautiful and provides a great new feature. It is ideal for the first steps in Linux – but to appreciate it, you do not have to be a beginner.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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