12 Linux commands for fun in terminal

So you think that in the Linux terminal all about the work and not a word about the fun? Well, we found a few fun teams that should persuade you.

The Linux terminal is a place for serious work and on our resource you can find a lot of useful tips and advice on Linux that will help you with this.

But did you know that you can use the terminal, that is, just fo fun – fun? Well, if not, then you are not alone. Most Linux users consider the terminal as an interface, which is designed and developed for system management tasks and development.

One way or another, but you will be surprised to know that there are many games on the basis of terminal and ASCII games.

And in this article I’m going to explore some interesting, fun and funny commands you can enter in terminal in Linux and have fun!

Have fun in the Linux terminal with these commands

Many of these commands you will find absurd or useless, but even some of them can benefit.

I added installation instructions for Ubuntu / Debian. If you are using a distribution based on Ubuntu, be sure to enable the Universe repository, since most of these commands is missing in the main repository.

If you use Arch, Fedora, SUSE, Solus, or any other distributions different from Ubuntu, use the package Manager of your distribution to install these funny Linux commands.

1. Run the train in the terminal

Let’s take a ride on the locomotive will begin our auspicious journey. And when I say “drive a locomotive”, I literally this is what mean!

Team sl allows you to run a train on your terminal.

Here’s how to install this command:

sudo apt install sl

Once the installation is complete, you can simply type the following in terminal to start:


Impressive, isn’t it? But, wait. We’re not finished yet! Apparently, you can force his engine to take off. Just add the-F option, Mr. Potter:


This command should cause the locomotive to depart from a terminal window!

2. Add Matrix effect to your Linux terminal

Remember the cult sci-Fi movie “the Matrix”? Green characters, crawling down the screen, become the hallmark of the Matrix.

You can arrange on your Linux machine is similar to the “matrix digital rain”! You just need to install cmatrix and run it in the terminal.

Install cmatrix on Debian / Ubuntu Linux:

sudo apt install cmatrix

Now all you need to do is to dial the following to get a matrix screen on the terminal:


Press Ctrl + C to stop it, Mr. Anderson.

3. Let there be fire

Keep your fire extinguisher handy, because now you are going to light a fire in the terminal!

To install it, here’s what you need to dial:

sudo apt install libaa-bin

Once the installation is completed, start a fire in your terminal by typing:


Press Ctrl + C to stop it.

4. Cookies, or rather, the Team with the prediction

Want to know your destiny, but you don’t have any fortune cookies?

Don’t worry, you just need to type “fortune” in your terminal and press Enter. The terminal displays a random sentence – almost the same mechanism as in the cookies.

Install it using:

sudo apt install fortune

After installing just type the command below to find out your future:


Now you can use this command as, for example, messages of the day to in a multiuser environment, each user when login was met with a random phrase from a fortune cookie.

You can also add it to your bashrc file to random message appearing immediately after the entrance to the terminal.

5. Love your Pets? Then this thingy for you.

Oneko is a small, fun team that will turn your normal cursor into mouse and creates a curious little cat that would chase your cursor as you move it. These fun catch-up is not limited by the terminal window. You can continue to work, and the cat will continue to chase the cursor.

And it’s especially exciting if you have children.

To install Oneko enter the command:

sudo apt install oneko

And to run this:


And you can always replace cat with dog with the command:

oneko -dog

There are several types of cats. For more info you can obtain using the command oneko –help. And to stop program execution, use the shortcut Ctrl + C.

6. Little brother is watching you

Xeyes is a tiny graphic program that allows the user to display a couple of constantly watching eyes! This look will tirelessly pursue your mouse. Run the command and see for yourself!

You can install it using this command:

sudo apt install xeyes

And then use it with this:


To suspend little brother press Ctrl+C.

7. Let the terminal tells you

To try this command, make sure that you include your speakers. eSpeak is a fun team that gives your voice terminal. Yes, you heard right.

First, install the package:

sudo apt install espeak

Then you just need to enter the command along with the text that you want to listen to as audio:

espeak "Type what your computer says"

Whatever you put in double quotes, your computer is bound to say it! The mechanism resembles the echo command in Linux. Only instead of text – the human voice.

8. Toilet (with toilet)

It sounds weird, Yes. But it’s just a command that converts text in large ASCII characters.

Install a toilet using this command:

sudo apt install toilet

Once the installation is complete, you just need to enter:

toilet the sample text you want

I have no idea why this little program is called the toilet.

9. What does a cow say?

Cowsay is a command that displays a cow, using ASCII characters in the terminal. And with it you can charge the cow say anything you can think of.

However, do not expect that it will be audio – the program simply displays the text (as you usually see in comics).

To install cowsay:

sudo apt install cowsay

After installation, simply type:

cowsay "your text"

Whatever you put in double quotes, your cow will have to say it! I’ve seen a few system administrators who have used such a cow to display a message of the day. Maybe you will be able to do the same. Or you can try to merge it with the “fortune cookie”.

10. Banner Team

Team banner works the same as the command “toilet”, but is limited to printing a maximum of ten characters.

You can set banner command as follows:

sudo apt install sysvbanner

Then use it as follows:

banner "Welcome"

Replace the contents in double quotes in your text, and you’ll get it.

11. Command “YES”

Team “Yes” helps you to auto-reply loop until you interrupt her work. This command will print the same thing endlessly. If you want to quickly create a huge amount of unnecessary text, but this command will work as your little amuletic.

You can also use it to provide an affirmative answer any other programs that may request it. For example, the command apt upgrade asks for your confirmation, you can use a “team YES” in the following way:

yes | sudo apt upgrade

You do not need to install any additional package for this. Command “Yes” is already available.

To complete the cycle of the command yes, by pressing CTRL + C.

12. To generate a fake personality, well almost

Want to create a random fake person? I brought you command “rig”. As soon as you run it in terminal, it will generate a fake identity.

Install rig using the command:

sudo apt install rig

Now just type in terminal:


It can be used in scripts or web applications that display random information, however, on their own I had nothing done.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this list of funny Linux commands.

Which team from the above did you like the most?

Maybe you know some other fun commands that we missed?

Share it with us in the comments section.

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